A Brief Prologue to the Story

Chapter 1

Lost Within The Names

Chapter 2

Friends In Low Places

Chapter 7

Peaceful Dreams Into Forgotten Memories

Chapter 12

The Thief & The Traitor

Chapter 17

The Silver Mercenary

Chapter 25

The Battle of Burning Earth

Chapter 26

The Final Sacrifice

Chapter 28

Stephanie the Protector

Chapter 30

Prince Dark, The Revenger

Chapter 32

Probability of Victory... 100%!

Chapter 33

Master of Disguise?

Chapter 36

The Path Towards Darkness

Chapter 45

You Never Forget Your First

Chapter 49

Final Confrontation

Chapter 55

The Red Army Returns

Chapter 57

The Return of Shutendoji

Chapter 66

The Strongest Woman

Chapter 67

The Universe’s Hope

Chapter 68

The God of Happiness

Chapter 69

What a Wonderful World

Chapter 70

I Want To Be A Hero

Chapter 76

A Scientists Revenge

Chapter 78

Return to the Tower of Memory