Comic 645 - Chapter 20 - Page 31

20th Apr 2020, 3:00 PM in Chapter 20
Chapter 20 - Page 31
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Sol Kage 20th Apr 2020, 3:00 PM edit delete
Sol Kage
Dun dun duuuun!

That's right, Si Siske is not actually Si at all, but SAIZO Siske, his twin brother who was an assassin!

This was foreshadowed several times, actually.

I thought I would go back in the archives and point out all of the evidence that points to Si being Saizo.

First off, I'll go just a few pages back during Saizo's monologue on Page 22 of this chapter. At the time, it made no sense, but taking into account that Si is actually Saizo, it does. He refers to his sins as an assassin, and that Kat knew his true identity, but chose not to say anything.

So, when did Kat figure it out? We'll go back to the earliest moments that hinted at Si's true identity.

Chapter 10 - Page 15 is where Saizo was first mentioned. Despite Kat's insult here, Si's reaction towards Saizo was not a pleasant one. Not typically how one would address their twin brother who, despite their differences in professions, were still living together so it's safe to assume that they didn't hate each other that much. Regardless, this wasn't much to go on to prove his true identity, but it caught Kat's attention.

Another moment that caught Kat's attention was on Chapter 10 - Page 20. As a Kunoichi, she knew quite a bit about the notorious assassin Saizo and his twin brother Si, and she found his sudden change in philosophy to be a tad strange. However, she didn't know for sure until...

Chapter 11 - Page 3. He mutters under his breath about how they used to call HIM a monster. Which Kratos actually alludes to on this page as well. Now, this is a VERY odd thing for a Police Officer to say. For the Assassin Saizo, it makes perfect sense. Now, while Kai didn't hear him, Kat did, as evidenced on Chapter 11 - Page 4, a seemingly meaningless page at the time that actually had a lot of meaning. That is when Kat determined his true identity.

Now, there were other moments beyond those that also hinted at him being Saizo.

When they first met Siska, Siska on Chapter 12 - Page 16 mentions how Si had been trying to catch her for years. However, Si had no idea who she was. That'd be quite odd, if not for the fact that he was in reality Saizo Siske and thus had no knowledge of Siska.

Saizo didn't let slip any further hints at his true identity until Chapter 19. He mentions on Page 8 that he got the computer virus from Saizo. A valid excuse, however he was the real one who was in possession of that virus and thus knew exactly how it worked.

Siska mentions on Page 15 that Si's "pretty sneaky for a cop." He tries to make the excuse that he learned a few tricks from his brother, though that's highly unlikely due to their opposing vocations.

And the last hint was earlier on in this chapter. Kratos on Page 2 asks Xioniss about the virus, wondering if it was Saizo's work. Xioniss states that it "confirms his suspicions" that Si is really Saizo.

Some hints were more obvious than others, but there's all of the evidence pointing to his true identity.

As to WHY he took on his twin brother's name, Kratos will explain it soon.